Products & Services


License Provision and Engineering Services

License provision from well-known European licensors for Petrochemical, Oil and Gas plants and process packages.

Basic and Detail Engineering Design for the mentioned plants with our team of expert engineers.

Mechanical Equipment with Specific Process Design

Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressors, Special Process Packages, Thermal Reactors, Incinerators, Fired Heaters, Blowers and all Mechanical equipment with a complex design supplied from distinguished European manufacturers.

Mechanical Equipment with Specific Process Design

Piping and Fitting Materials and Instrumentation

Particular pipes, piping items and instrumentation with distinct material supplied from well-known European, Japanese and Korean manufacturers.
Specialized Instrumentation for particular purposes, Control Systems, all types of Instrumentation valves (on/off, control …) from West Europe and USA.

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